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Traveling Quebec in 4 weeks – Part 6 – Review & Summary


Quebec flag

Following our Quebec trip you know that we had to change stops, layovers, dates, ferries and accommodations.

For us this trip was a first time experience, too. We never had done a road trip with the girls before. So let’s recap a little bit.

Recap – questions & answers

Would we do it again? – YES

Would we exactly do it like we did? – NO

What would we change?

  • We wouldn’t stay less than 4 nights at a camping! It is not about the setup, it’s about distressing. For us we figured out, that we need the first day to „arrive“, to settle, explore the camping and just do nothing. Distances don’t have to be very long, but driving Quebec is always time consuming. For the kids it is nice, too to be more outside than inside the car.
  • Less equipment! There is not much to reduce, but a bit. Next time we would leave the travel crib at home! In the tent it is not really needed – a good camping mat is more than enough. In accommodation where they don’t provide baby cribs, a makeshift bed made of blankets and pillows does it’s job for one night.
  • Buying or borrowing a small car trailer, if you have a smaller car! You are more organized and you car will be thankful for not being loaded to it’s limits all the time!

What would we do the same way?

  • Not more than 4-5h for travel days calculate. In real time this means 6-7h on the road!
  • Layovers only in hotels, motels, B&Bs etc.
  • The places/spots we chose! I can recommend them all. Each of them would be even worst to stay at least a week there!


cote nord


Are there any regrets? – YES

  • We should have stayed longer in the Mingan area! All of us loved it! The rough coast, the flora and fauna, being of the beaten track. Not to forget – going further up north where the paved road ends. Coming from west you can’t reach the end of Quebec by driving!
  • Gaspésie – would have been definitely worth to stay longer! Maybe we should have skipped PEI, but hey we had a good time!

Was the duration of the trip ideal? – NOPE

  • Instead of 3,5 weeks it should haven been either 4,5 weeks or less destinations. It is a personal things, but we more and more prefer to stay longer somewhere. Less is more! Not only with kids!

Traveling Quebec without speaking French possible? – YES, but…

  • Yes it is possible, but I recommend to speak at least a little bit. You should be able to ask for the way, read a menu or make yourself understandable. Also it is a question of being polite! French is the official language! A „bonjour“ here and a „de rien“ there are very welcome and if you put some efforts in French it is a door opener. People will try to understand and speak English or at least try to find someone who speaks English. My French is very basic so I know what I am talking about!

Traveling Quebec RV respectively tent camping friendly? – YES

  • Camping is/ was for us the best way to explore and experience Quebec. By the way the cheapest way (tent camping), too!


  1.  We never made it to Sept-Îles, due to the broken car!
  2. We had to add a stay at Camping de la Baie. You remember the story about our stored equipment? It is a more rural campsite. Small, but familiar and has cabins, too. We liked our short stay here a lot. Have a look at the pictures and you know why!


me and my girls

giant rock

Baie Trinite


For those of you who are interested in fishing: in a five minutes walking distance they do have a lock and salmon/fish counting station!

At sunset or sundown you might have a chance to see the salmons. The J early birds didn’t get rewarded by the fish, but the working biologist showed us around and explained! You might see big Js disappointment. LOL


Salmon count station


3. Fjord – trip, we didn’t manage to do one, but I would recommend to do so! It was nice what we saw from the shore, so I can         imagine how beautiful it must be from a boat!

You see all in all I loved this trip. With all it’s ups and downs. What stays are the memories! Be it in pictures or thoughts! there is one little last story about this trip I wanna share with you:

The last story

The last story is the first which happened. They first day we drove to Baie Saint Paul. Shortly after our last gas stop north of Quebec City a pick-up truck tried to contact us during the drive by waving his arms and opening the window. No chance for us to understand what he tried to stay, but enough to make us stop as soon as possible. The view that was offered to us made me speechless! I must have forgotten my wallet on the roof. And we were carrying it on the rear wiper!!!! YES, it was only hold by the wiper for about a 30km drive! Why we didn’t notice it? The car was loaded to the top, no views through the rear window.

I was more than happy this guy made us stop and we could start our trip as planned and deserved and not with a small catastrophe!


me in the middle of the trip

Last but not least: Come and visit Quebec! In my opinion it is one of the underestimated Provinces in Canada and worth a trip!



Q – like Quebec is underestimated!

U – like unique places everywhere

E – like English is not spoken everywhere

B – like Baie(s) they have a few

E – like ebb and flood are impressive at the shore of the Saint Lawrence

C – like camping is how we like to explore Quebec in summer best

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