Lac Provost at Parc National du Mont Tremblanc in Quebec

Lac Provost – a little piece of paradise

Last weekend we escaped city life again. We discovered another piece of paradise here in Quebec. Quebec is full of nature treasurers. Lac Provost at Parc National du Mont Tremblant is one them. First time camping this year, late but hey we made it. The funny fact about it? Every season the first trip misses out something important! This time my hubby only put 1 sleeping bag instead of three in. Thank god it wasn’t me & that I grabbed two blankets before leaving.


trees reflecting in lac provost


What to do & explore

We chose the campsite „Pinson Chanteur“ as it had showers, big parcels and portable water stations. From there we had only a 2 minutes walk to reach one of the beaches. A very small one and nobody would probably interrupt you relaxing. The main beach has a brand new playground (was not yet opened), a rental station for kayaks, canoes & pedalos. It is under surveillance and when you step into the water close to the „little spit of land“ your kids will have fun making echo sounds. As long as you are into beaching and water sport this is your place to go.


Bench at the main beach of Lac Provost


Those of you who prefer a little workout, plenty of hiking trails will satisfy you. A great one, which is also recommended for families,brings you to the „Chute aux rats„. It is about 3 hours hike starting at the registration center. People like us, who forgot the stroller & baby carrier, can go by car and have a walk there :-). No matter how you get there – YOU will love it! Nothing calms and relaxes me more than the sound of water …We really enjoyed it. Other than that you can take the car cross the National Park and stop at one of the many other lakes or waterfalls such as „Chutes Croches“ (it is 5-10 min from parking only). Just have in mind it is mostly a graveled road.



In case of rain, wind or just for special interest, at the entrance of the sector La Diable, they have a discovery center and a few more beaches. I guarantee you as long as you like to recharge your batteries and have your kids outdoors, this is the right place. Especially Lac Provost, as it was less busy. Not convinced? Lay back, have a look or close your eyes and enjoy:



How to survive black flies?

Yes there is a second side of the medal. June is also known as black fly season in those territories of Quebec. So you rather wait until mid July, go to other campsites like Oka or you follow our tips:

  1. for the kids: take a simple baby lotion and put lavender and/or tee tree oil in, then rub it on face, neck and very important  behind the ears – those little beasts love that area most! (for older kids you might go for regular insect repellent) In 3 years of Quebec camping experience, I figured out that it doesn’t really work for adults.
  2. Try to find a slight windy place it helps keeping them away, too. (a little fan is a god idea too).
  3. Not fancy but efficient mosquito hat!
  4. Long sleeves, long pants

After sundown they disappear so you can enjoy your campfire with or without giant marshmallows. Should nothing really work: after bites put pure tee tree oil on, it will disinfect and help healing. Don’t know why, but black flies prefer kids, maybe because they are just sweet :-). As long as you have no allergies you’ll be fine. Maybe it swells and of course it is itchy, but everyone will survive, like little J did.


this are black fly bites at little J


Location & Arrival

Best to reach the camping „Pinson Chanteur“ at Lac Provost is via entrance Primbina. It is about 11km north of St. Donat. Without traffic  it only takes you round about 1,5h from Montréal (ca.130km). Going for the weekend do yourself a favor: Avoid starting your trip on a Friday afternoon after 2pm!!! It took us 4 hours… You’d rather start before or after 6 or maybe 7pm. Registration is open until 10pm, so no worries. In case you like it more rustic they have two or three more campsites at the lake shore of Lac Provost. Who is not that much in for camping, but for nature will be served, too – they have cabins to rent!

What ever your decision will be, even a day trip, there will be no regrets on coming, enjoying and relaxing at Lac Provost!

Last hint of the day: double check your equipment ;-).

My quote of the weekend was: „Mommy I love camping, it is much better than staying in our apartment. Here I will behave! Can we bye marshmallows?“ Said big J and truly stood by her word.

campfire with marshmallows




  • charlie tannoury 23. August 2019 at 8:45

    Is BBQ allowed there?
    Thank you.

    • Ulrike 25. August 2019 at 6:15

      Hi Charlie,
      as far as I know yes. We had our BBQ on site. But always depends on the wheather conditions, so ask the clerks upon arrival. Enjoy

  • Stefan 25. Juni 2018 at 8:05

    Stunning pictures once again. The black fly bites will go away, the memories remain forever. Thanks for sharing…

    • Ulrike 25. Juni 2018 at 13:35

      Thanks. Bites are already gone 🙂


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