Big and Little J at a bouncy castle

Summer picture 2018

The German travel blog MIT KIND IM RUCKSACK is calling for their current blog parade „The picture of your summer“. The calling caught my attention as our summer was/is anything but normal. So I looked through my pictures and finally chose a very unconventional one which symbolizes what summer for kids should look like, not matter the circumstances!


Big and Little J at a bouncy castle


summer of changes

This was and is our summer of changes, big ones and small ones. Uncertainty was our daily companion for the last three months. All we were working on was a smooth transition and to keep all the insecurity away from the girls. Show them stability and give them all the freedom they need to enjoy the summer. Their last summer in our beloved Montréal for the time being.

We made it! The kids were having a blast! Making memories, which at least big J will keep in mind. Little J will listen to them one day in future 🙂 while watching old pictures.

Why I chose this one?

For me the chosen photo shows all the joy, fun & childlike freshness only happy kids do have. It’s not even the best shot, but for me symbolic power is above everything else! Wild things they are! A blast they had and even the temperatures couldn’t stop them. All our efforts to keep stress away from them payed off! No better way to see it than like that.

What is your summer picture 2018 & why?


  • Ina 24. August 2018 at 5:16

    Schönes Bild! Danke fürs mitmachen, dann noch gutes Ankommen in Deutschland!

    LG aus Norwegen

    • Ulrike 11. Oktober 2018 at 17:00



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