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Time is flying by and the first six months of 2018 are over. That’s why Michael from „Erkunde die Welt“ is calling again for our best pictures of the first half of the year as part of a photo parade. As usual he gives us 6 categories to go for and the freedom to be creative and add more if we want to. So far I counted 46 travel blogger colleges who already posted their best pics as part of the photo parade.

For me it is the second time I am participating and these are the treasures I choose:

„Farbtupfer“ (splash of colour)


Little J with a yellow coat

My little one walking the cobblestone way in her bright yellow coat, is the splash of colour this area needed.


„Nachts“ (at night)


campfire with marshmallows

Summer without camping is not complete. Being in at the campsite without enjoying the night at a campfire – unthinkable!


„Nahaufnahme“ (close up)


you see a big blow ball

One of the favourite things to do for my girls, when we are in nature is blowing blow balls. That’s why I had to take a picture for them. For me they also symbolize freedom and evanescence at the same time.


„Nass“ (wet)


waterfall chute aux rats

The „Chute aux rats“ (aux rats waterfall) with it’s running water and the spray just has it all to match this category.




sealions on a plattform at the port of Valparaiso

This made me think the most about it. Finally I chose an unconventional kind of contrast. Maritime wildlife is benefiting of industrial left overs. (and became a must see in Valparaíso/Chile)


„Reflektion“ (reflection)


trees reflecting in lac provost

Category reflection is added by me. The trees reflecting in the lake are THE symbol for me, when it comes to typical pictures to describe Canada. (taken at Lac Provost in Quebec)

„schönstes Foto“ (nicest/best picture)


little j discovering herself in the mirrow

Best picture wasn’t that difficult. Observing our kids does teach us a lot. They are innocent and curious. No one can distract them to discover the world & themselves. They seem fearless when it comes to use all there senses to explore the new. Kids do it their way and take their time. Do you see her smile? The moment she saw „somebody“ is smiling at her, too. Not yet realizing that it is her self who is smiling.


The others

As mentioned above so far I counted 46 participants, Michael himself and I not included. To satisfy your wanderlust or make you some, here are the the names to go for (knowing German is not a need as pictures speak their own language):






  • Kristin 6. Juli 2018 at 10:25

    Great reflection in beautiful Canada! And cute sea lions relaxing in Valpo 🙂

    • Ulrike 7. Juli 2018 at 14:30

      Thanks you. As I mentioned your chameleon is sooo cute.

  • Burkhard | PixelWo.de 5. Juli 2018 at 16:04

    Schöne Fotos. Am besten gefällt mir „Farbtupfer“ (splash of colour)“. LG Burkhard

    • Ulrike 7. Juli 2018 at 14:33

      Danke!!! Komplimente vom Profi sind immer ganz besonders für mich.?

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  • DieReiseEule 22. Juni 2018 at 2:17

    The reflection in the lake is an amazing picture.

    Thank you and good luck.

    Es grüßt

    • Ulrike 25. Juni 2018 at 13:40

      Thank you liebe ReiseEule

  • Michael 22. Juni 2018 at 0:14


    Amazing pictures. Thank you for this sharing your beautiful pictures. I love the reflection landscape!

    Cheers, Michael

    • Ulrike 25. Juni 2018 at 13:42

      Thanks for the compliment!!!


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