About me

That is me!

Litte-BiG-voyager is a family travel blog!

My GOAL is to encourage YOU to take your little and big ones & travel the world!

This is what I do! What I love and what I most probably will never stop doing!

Traveling is one of the most amazing and defining things you can do for your beloved kids while raising them.

When reading our travel stories you will see how possible and quite easy it is to travel with kids. The more I take you away, the more you will feel – „Yes we can!“. This is where I want to see you! Start making travel plans, dream away and travel. It is not all about far destinations. Start with your nearby surroundings! Get used to it! The more you try, the more comfortable you will feel. The more comfy you are, the less stressful it is, the more you and your family will enjoy it!

And before you know it, you will be planning your first travels abroad. Trust me! I know what I am talking about. I went through it. If there are still doubts in your mind and you can´t find the answers you need in one of the posts – Contact me! I will be there to help you! Either with moral support or my individual travel planning service!

But who am I?

I am Ulrike Jeute founder and owner of little-BiG-voyager. I am a German woman & ex-expat who recently moved back from Montréal to Northern-Germany.

I lived in Spain in my twenties. Stayed in Portland/Australia for a few months. I love life! I am open minded, a helpless optimist with a cynical touch. I am the mother of two gorgeous girls and a beloved wife.

Ever since I started traveling, I became addicted. Writing has always been my passion. So what better thing could I do, than run a blog, about what I do and love. Helping people get over their fears and start exploring our wonderful planet Earth with their kids.

The world has so much to offer. Such as : cultures, food, drinks, landscapes – don´t miss out! We don´t!

I love diversity, so what do our trips look like? We road trip by car, take a plane, a boat or whatever we need to reach our targeted holiday destination. We sleep in hotels, hostels, apartments, tents or hammocks. We try to get to know a country by getting in contact with locals and having local cuisine. (Ants and termites were on the menu.) All I am writing about is authentic, and so am I!

My philosophy of life is: Anything is possible! If the plan doesn´t work: Change the plan, not the goal!

Enjoy reading!