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Less-than-perfect – travel pics which weren’t meant to be published

What it is about?

Every day we see those perfect travel pictures. People in perfect poses, stunning views and all those colours!

Yes those images with a guaranteed wow-effect! Which make you wanna go there immediately. But these are also those where some start thinking – how do they always look like this, even when they travel with kids?

Well, that’s why Jessica from yummytravel initiated the BlogParade named „Imperfekte Reiseblogger“ (imperfect travel blogger). She has a great travel blog in Germany. Many German travel blogger are following her call.

This time language doesn’t really matter! Pictures say more than words.

Today I take my chance to jump on the bandwagon. I feel a little brave so! It takes a bit of strength to what was never meant to be shown.

Have fun, enjoy and remember:  good pictures require time and patience. Sometimes the photographer is faster!


American Beauty

Let’s start with one of the better outtakes: NYC truffles fries


NYC truffle fries

Followed by Florida’s double chin – double mom to be


double chin in pregnancy

Not leaving the continent, but heading a bit more down South a bundle of Caribbean impressions are coming next!


Caribbean Impressions

Starting with close your eyes and enjoy the beach in Costa Rica


Costa Rican beach beauty

Nope I didn’t dream of that: Breastfeeding never brings you into a nice pose, unless you pose LOL



Strengthened and refreshed we went back to catch the boat. Of course not without giving the „Bingo Wings“ a chance to shine.


bingo wings in action


Back on the boat I tried to get rid of doubts, nope not my seasick face.


me and my big one

Let’s leave the Caribbean part of Panama and go to it’s highlands!

Panama’s highland Shrek

Arriving at Boquete I tried to look like a philosoph – so here you go with the philosophical face


philosoph pose

Maybe this time I was already thinking about the upcoming hot springs trip and how to become a hot springs beauty?!


hot springs beauty


Leaving the central part of the continent I will bring you back to the northern part – Canada my current home.



You may have noticed that I like to look intellectual LOL, so let’s call it: the intellectual camping queen at night.


camping impression

The queen is followed by a messy camping table at night– traveling with kids is sometimes like this. I am on vacation to, so I sometimes leave it and hope that the pixies come and clean up!

a real campsite set up

Last but not least: If ever you come to Montreal and visit Mont Royal Park, be aware that you don’t face the Park-Monster!


giant monster at park Mont


That’s my selection for now. The more pics I loaded up and created names for them, the more I liked them. It was fun doing so and I hope I made you laugh! And it taught me again:

Don’t take yourself to serious, life is serious enough!



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  • Michelle 14. Dezember 2017 at 22:35

    Great! Another funny post for this BlogParade. I really love it 😀
    Thanks for another really cool post!
    I enjoyed it 🙂

    In case you haven’t seen mine (it’s in German), but the pictures speak for themselves 😀

    Greetings from Singapore!
    Michelle 🙂

    • Ulrike 17. Dezember 2017 at 12:04

      Thank you Michelle. Deiner war im Übrigen der erste den ich gesehen hatte; darauf hin hab ich mich auch getraut:-).


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